Version 1: The hole in the level is the finish point for the player. 

Game Concept : 

The game is where the player plays as a cube and traverses a maze to reach a destination. The game challenges the player’s spatial awareness and problem solving skills. This game was born out of an idea of to challenge the player's perspective while playing the game.​​​​​​​
The first concept art for the game, I tried to visualize the game to have two main playing areas, the glass surrounding the level and the main platform of the level. 

Platform : iOS / Android / PC
Duration : 3 weeks
Tools : Unity, Magicavoxel
Work : Level Design, 3d modelling, Prototyping, GDD
The game was intended to be played by controlling the player cube and the view could be changed only if the player reaches the glass ceiling of the level. This was meant to be a challenge to the player, but it soon turned out to be redundant. Hence the next iterations I decided to omit the glass cube for only one playable platform. 
Game Flow : 

 It will be minimalistic in its approach and not clutter the user with too many options. The player should ideally go through the following, 
1. Experiment 
2. Learn 
3. Master 
Gameplay : 

The cube will traverse the larger cube with walls obstructing the player's movement and the player interacts by either swiping/pressing buttons to change the view of the cube to better understand the level and try to solve the maze. There are no coins or collectibles so the player can completely invest themselves in puzzle or the core of the game. The end game is to reach the end of the maze, which is depicted by the yellow tile. 

Sample Gameplay


The difficulty curve in this game will provide the feeling of the player understanding the level design. 
New mechanics will be used at certain levels depending on how it makes the player feel and how it affects the game flow. The game should allow the player to take some rest and comeback to solve puzzle, as if he/she just stumbled upon the solution. 
Interface :
Here the user flow is illustrated in screens, the core flow of the player while they are navigating through the game.  

Screen Flow

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