A play experience designer with a keen interest in Technology and Systems.

I deeply enjoy creating play structures that can enable problem-solving or a better understanding of the world around us. 
Mixing the above with tech and a systems understanding has led me to dive deep into how cultural identity, history, and psychology affect us in our daily lives.   
Outside of work, I find myself exploring games, museums, playing guitar and football.
Right now playing Balatro

Currently based out of Bangalore, India. 
What I do :
  Digital Play design 
  User Research 
  3D modeling
  Interaction Design

Tools I use :
  Adobe Creative Suite 

Achievements : 
  Speaker at IGDC 2022 (Indian Game Developer's Conference):  
  Designing Phygital Games and Experiential Learning for Children

  Participated in the India Edition of Redbull Flugtag 2014

Qualifications :
  M.Des in Toy and Game Design
  National Insitute of Design, India 

  B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  PES Institute of Technology, India

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