Learning to code through 
block-based programming and digital games.

Plugo coding is a phygital toy where the controller embodies the fundamentals of coding to help children understand through play. 
The product explores how players can "Learn by doing" and at the same time develop logical thinking skills. 
This STEM-based coding activity set enables kids to learn through a simple block-based approach. Kids use the tiles in the kit to form blocks of code and solve puzzles on the screen in front of them. 



Skills Displayed
Game Design 
Interaction Design 
User Research

My Role :

My primary role in this team effort was as a Game Designer, UX Researcher, and Prototyper.
I navigated the project through the following stages : 
1. Research 
2. Ideation 
3. Prototyping 
4. Playtesting 
5. QA 

Being part of its progression from inception to market launch in a zero-to-one process.              (Amazon link)

Through the realization of this product, I had an opportunity to talk about my experience at the Indian Game Developers Conference (IGDC 2022), India's largest Game Developer Conference.
To go over the comprehensive design process of the product from inception to fruition, showcasing its evolution through each stage.

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