Designing educational games that enable children to learn transferrable skills outside the game environment.

SplashLearn is an Ed.Tech company, its mission is to transform K-12 learning by making it fun and personalized for every child and to prepare them for skills required in the 21st century. 
This project was the output of my master's thesis and largely revolved around designing Math and English games for K to Grade 5 children based in the USA. A key goal for this project was to be able to get children to go through a playful activity on the app related to a subject matter and be able to replicate those learnings in a more structured environment like a classroom.    



Skills Used 
User Research 
Level Balancing 
My role :
My responsibility as a Game designer was to birth the concept of the game and coordinate with Subject Matter Experts, Artists, and Developers to work towards the realization of said games.  
I managed to work on a total of 3 games during my duration at SplashLearn only one of them went live on the app during my time at the company. 

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