Designing a digital space where players can have interoperability within the platform.

Terra is a digital space where children can play games in a safe social space that facilitates learning, experimentation, and social relationships. The platform is a 3D world that acts like a hub to experience various games. 
Considering the rise of Roblox and unsafe practices which were prevalent we felt Terra was uniquely positioned to provide the idea of safe play and learning.
The interoperability is where players can take items/powerups and Terra Coins that they have earned in any game in Terra to use across the platform. This represents a unique challenge where to prevent players from gravitating towards any specific genre which might allow players to farm more items/powerups and Terra coins. 
This led to designing a unique single currency economy (only Terra Coin) which would help with the simplicity of the platform and also prevent the favoritism of player behavior gravitating towards any specific genre. 




Skills Used 
User Research 
Economy Design
Market Research 
My role : 

A large amount of my contribution went into the following : 

1. Economy Design: Breaking down existing games in Roblox and modeling economies in Unity using visual scripting for various genres on the Roblox platform. The main challenge here was Roblox does not give any visibility into the economies of their games. The approach we as a team followed was to play popular games like Adopt Me, and Bed Wars to understand their economies to remodel them in our custom version of Unity. 

2. Prototyping Games: Here as a Game Designer I developed a total of 3 unique games using Unity and a few of our custom tools. After the prototyping stage, I closely collaborated with developers, artists, and product managers to realize the finished versions of these games. 

3. Initial Ideation: I was part of the core team to drove the ideation of this platform for Playshifu to pivot into, I conducted multiple user interviews with children to gain a deeper understanding of their needs for healthier digital space, drove internal ideation sessions on how the platform could take shape.

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