Designing Meta game features that increase specific business metrics.
Willy Wonka Slots is a free-to-play casino-style slot game. The game is inspired by land slot machines present in actual casinos, the current state of the game is that we are focused on providing end-of-game meta content for VIP players to effectively affect business metrics.
Meta features augment the core loop of the game and address different player motivations. These features help us as a team to give the players a feeling of progressing on various events related to the Willy Wonka IP.


F2P mobile


Skills used 
Game Design 
Market Research 
Player Research  

My role : 
As a Feature Designer on the team, my main responsibility lies in taking ownership of the feature and collaborating across various verticals to see the vision realized.
Features address very specific metrics that we as a team want to address and affect, these can be metrics like engagement, DAU, and ARPU. The following are a few features I have recently worked on : 

1. Level Express: A  battle pass-style reward system to incentivize players to increase the number of times they level up in a single game session. 
This led to a +5% increase in Buyer percentage and an +8% lift in ARPU

2. Reprice: This is an annual event for Wonka where players expect large-scale economy changes in the game and new features to be released. I was a part owner for this annual event in-game, we took a very different approach to the event and brainstormed to understand what type of content would increase player engagement and coin sink. 
For the Reprice of 2023, I drove the production of the intro cinematic, Mini Game Lobby, and a Login streak system in the game.
The event itself was a success, we were targetting for an increase in engagement which translates to an increase in spins/spinner in a slot game. This metric increased by 14% over 30 days.    

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